Farm Truck – Update 3

For those of you following Farm Truck, you may be wondering, “What is the delay?”
Well, Farm Truck came to us in pieces. Lots and lots of pieces.
And not all of those pieces lined up.
So after the initial fitting of pieces together, we’ve reached the point of BIG pieces.
Farm Truck is destined to be a nifty product display and parade truck. But in order to meet the mission, Wiley’s (the name of Farm Truck) has to have a custom drive-shaft fabricated. This is a little intimidating and expensive. But, we’re nearly ready to have this MAJOR step initiated.
Then progress will restart at a reasonable rate.
Goal is for Wiley’s to be driveable by spring 2017 and to be used as a product display feature for farm days 2018. Then in PARADES for 2018.