More Farm Truck Progress

Now that we have a truck that can move on its own, I (Lisa) become more inspired to work on it.  We are planning on this truck being used around the farm and around town.  That being the case, it definitely needed lights.  This last week I worked on adding lights and wiring them all up.  The rust on the bed was removed as well as possible and it was treated with a product called Ospho.  This will eventually dry and harden so the rust will not come back and the bed can be painted.

Farm Truck – 2017 is the year!

Great news!
Our in-house team worked without rest, tackling the engine, transmission and drive-shaft issues. A new drive shaft was custom fabricated. This was a job that a local machine-shop was unable to tackle. But we do not take no for an answer, so an industrious friend or two managed to make a perfect drive shaft.
The drive shaft fit, the drive train aligned properly and now Farm Truck is mobile!
We are still short a few odds and ends, like any glass for the cab and an interior. But we are undaunted!


Farm Truck Update 4

Not a good surprise

This weekend we managed to round up more parts for farm Truck! With the help of 5 men and a backhoe we brought home a bunch of goodies.
A gas tank, transmission (wait, didn’t we already have a transmission?), the truck bed and assorted small parts. We are still missing the window frames and all the glass. Our “complete project truck” isn’t quite as complete as we had hoped. But there is hope.
Now, the not so good surprise…
As it turns out, the truck had a few modifications, including an engine swap and transmission swap. Generally, not a huge issue. However, the engine was installed just a little crooked and the transmission is most definitely not compatible.
Farm truck was nearly pushed to the curb. 🙁
But, as it turns out, that spare transmission aligns just perfectly. We’re going to give her a try. I’m optimistic that most of the angle concerns will cause little or no problems now that we have a transmission located just where Farm Truck wants it.
We’re making fresh progress!

Farm Truck Progress – Update 2

Making progress.

The engine runs. The cab fits, the grill fits, the engine is a Chevy and after a bit of engine mount modifications it fits as well. Now if only the clutch would work and a gas pedal would magically appear.


Farm Truck Progress – Update 1

March 15, 2016

Introducing Super Willey’s.

We have been in search of the perfect farm utility and promotional vehicle for Sundrop Alpacas.  Lisa knew about an old Willy’s pick-up truck that was in the process of a restoration.  As luck would have it, the restorer was ready to move the project vehicle to a good home. The majority of the parts and pieces were located at three different locations and have begun their journey to our farm.

Once on site the pieces will be assembled, and modified as needed, to form a complete Super Willey’s JEEP!

Then disassembled for painting and reassembled again.