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Why Alpaca?

Adorable, low-impact, sustainable, and local. What could be better? Alpaca fiber is as soft as cashmere, hypoallergenic and warmer than wool. It wicks moisture well so those cozy alpaca socks are even suitable in the summer. We raise our alpacas for their fiber (fleece), which is shorn once a year in April or May and then we work all year to make yarn and handmade products from this fiber. A couple times a year we take our alpacas on the local show circuit. The judges seem to like both our fiber and our animals as the collection of ribbons is growing. We even earned a Reserve Champion Banner at the National Alpaca Fleece Show this year.  Despite the ribbons, we get the greatest enjoyment when our customers come back and tell us how much they love their alpaca products!

Check out our Schedule Below. Plan your visit now!

Mondays: Closed. Call or message for appointment
Tuesdays: Closed. Call or message for appointment
Wednesdays: Closed. Call or message for appointment
Thursdays: Closed. Call or message for appointment
Fridays: Closed. Call or message for appointment
Saturday, October 19, 2019. OPEN. 10 am - 3 pm 
Sunday: October 20, 2019. CLOSED 
M-F: Closed. Call or message for appointment
Saturday, October 26, 2019. CLOSED
Sunday: October 27, 2019. OPEN. 10 am - 3 pm 
We are thrilled that you are interested in our little farm. We are usually closed to outside visitors due to our busy off-farm schedules. When we are open, it is either by appointment or on selected weekends. Farm open dates are quite limited this time of year due to all the activities that our kids have chosen. We are planning to be open a few weekends in November, perfect weather for alpacas! Our sincere apologies if you miss us. We do hope to find a time when you can visit. If you drive by and we are not open and nobody is outside, please call before stopping, just in case we are having quiet family time.
  Please check back often as open dates are added.
We can accommodate special requests, send us a message or give us a call (607) 227-8458 and we may be able to open the store just for you!
Additional weekend and possible evening dates will be spontaneously announced on our FaceBook page.

Fall is here, but if the weather is anything like last year, it is time for warm hats, gloves, and socks soon!

Our summer news brought us a baby Alpaca! An adorable little white male. Born on May 25, 2019. Can you believe that his mama was pregnant for 375 days? Here on the farm we call him Bingo! He just received his official registered name: Ba-Da Bingo Sundrop's Fancy Free.
Earlier this year brought in a super-rare surprise. TWIN alpacas. The boys are already a year and a half old and are on the farm as buddies for Sundance. These twins do have registered names, but their nicknames are Bert and Ernie.
Location: 656 E 1000 North Road, Bement, IL 61813
Follow our Facebook page to catch our store hours.
Stock up on yarn!
In the fall your knitters love to stay busy, we have a large selection of 100% USA alpaca yarns. We stock handspun yarn as well as mill-spun yarn. Grab some for yourself or your favorite knitter/crocheter for some happy project time. I personally enjoy knitting with super-soft local yarns while the kids enjoy ball games. We focus on creating the best possible quality from local alpaca fiber. Call us or send us an instant message to set up an appointment to shop.
Super-soft and amazing rugs made from our fiber.  Truly an indulgence. Worth every penny. 100% USA made.
Check out the socks that we have available at Monticello Mercantile in Monticello, Illinois!
Are you interested in having more events? A Canvas and Corks event, an alpaca seminar, an arts and crafts seminar? Drop us an e-mail to let us know. If there is enough interest, we can make it happen!
We love guests. Give us a call at 607-227-8458 to arrange a tour or special visit.
Weekends work best and we give free weekend tours when we are here.
 Group tours on a weekday are not available.
Attention Gardeners. While we build our customer base, we are giving away alpaca manure.
We do accept financial donations toward the care and feeding of the alpacas. How was your garden this year? Consider using alpaca manure as fertilizer for an even better crop next year!
Manure can be added directly to the garden without harming your plants!

Our next event!

Did you Miss Alpaca Farm Days?
We will be open selected weekends during the year.

Shop small this Year!

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SUNDROP ALPACAS will be open selected days this winter.
Consider a unique product from a local business. A custom spun alpaca hat or a lovely scarf made from our handspun alpaca fiber? Alpaca fiber is as soft as cashmere, hypoallergenic and 3x warmer than wool. Plus, you can meet the adorable animal that provided the fleece.
Want to visit the farm and create an alpaca painting?
We had a great Canvas and Corks event. Let us know if you would like us to schedule another one.
  Did you miss our 2018 Alpaca Farm Days? We are considering something a little different for 2019. It will be our 5th year as an alpaca farm. Perhaps a Fall Farmiversary in October?

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