Farm Truck Update 4

Not a good surprise

This weekend we managed to round up more parts for farm Truck! With the help of 5 men and a backhoe we brought home a bunch of goodies.
A gas tank, transmission (wait, didn’t we already have a transmission?), the truck bed and assorted small parts. We are still missing the window frames and all the glass. Our “complete project truck” isn’t quite as complete as we had hoped. But there is hope.
Now, the not so good surprise…
As it turns out, the truck had a few modifications, including an engine swap and transmission swap. Generally, not a huge issue. However, the engine was installed just a little crooked and the transmission is most definitely not compatible.
Farm truck was nearly pushed to the curb. 🙁
But, as it turns out, that spare transmission aligns just perfectly. We’re going to give her a try. I’m optimistic that most of the angle concerns will cause little or no problems now that we have a transmission located just where Farm Truck wants it.
We’re making fresh progress!