We’re Here For You

Golly, how about that weather we are having?  While it is great for people like me because I usually dread February, it is bad for business, when your business is selling things to keep you warm!  With that being the case, we have cut back on the hours we’ll have our store open.  Now, since we still want to be available for you when its time to buy that unique item you can only find here, we will be able to open the store when it is convenient for you!  Yep, try getting this kind of service at a chain store, it will not happen.  So, how do we know when you want to shop?  Easy, either send us a message via email, on our Facebook page, or call us to schedule your shopping experience.  It’s that easy.  As always, there is never any pressure to buy anything, but you may want to give our alpacas some treats while you’re here.  Our store includes not only hats, gloves, mittens, scarves and other accessories, but also stuffed alpaca fur teddy bears and other novelty items.