We have a baby alpaca! July 2, 2016. B Greyble delivered a girl!

This is a momentous occasion for us here at Sundrop alpacas.  July 2, 2016 marked the birth of our third cria since beginning this crazy alpaca adventure.  This little beauty arrived mid-morning which allowed all of us to be present for a perfect birth.  After 3 visits to the poo pile, a communal location where the herd does their duty, in one hour, we knew something was happening.  B Greyble went into the alpaca shelter and quietly delivered a perfect little girl in less than 20 minutes. The entire farm crew (Steph, Lisa, Cassie, Gabby and Anna) were eagerly watching through the barn window.

Baby girl was up and eating shortly. Her owner, Johnna Parker, arrived not long after birth and tended to her every need.

All of our previous alpacas have been white. Lovely, beautiful white. But is sure is nice to have an alpaca with a little color.  This girl is a lovely shade of grey and should get LOTS of attention in the show ring.



We are STILL waiting for baby alpacas to arrive. June 25, 2016.

Veva Bell is 368 days pregnant and showing no signs of delivering any time soon. We are beginning to question whether she is pregnant or not. Her slim figure does not indicate a heavily pregnant and overdue alpaca. However, she was confirmed pregnant by ultrasound at 3 months. Only time will tell!

B Greyble, at 338 days is as big as a house and completely miserable. We often wonder if she is just relaxing due to the effects of the oppressive heat or if she may be in labor. So far, she is just miserable in the heat.

Two more days of 90+ temperatures and then we see a cooling trend.  I’m thinking Tuesday would be a great day for both Veva Bell and B Greyble to give birth.

Farm Truck Progress – Update 2

Making progress.

The engine runs. The cab fits, the grill fits, the engine is a Chevy and after a bit of engine mount modifications it fits as well. Now if only the clutch would work and a gas pedal would magically appear.


Farm Truck Progress – Update 1

March 15, 2016

Introducing Super Willey’s.

We have been in search of the perfect farm utility and promotional vehicle for Sundrop Alpacas.  Lisa knew about an old Willy’s pick-up truck that was in the process of a restoration.  As luck would have it, the restorer was ready to move the project vehicle to a good home. The majority of the parts and pieces were located at three different locations and have begun their journey to our farm.

Once on site the pieces will be assembled, and modified as needed, to form a complete Super Willey’s JEEP!

Then disassembled for painting and reassembled again.


Salute to B Greyble


B Greyble looks like an all-black alpaca. She is actually grey.

Her name is a reference to Betty Grable.

B Greyble is due in early July. She has been purchased by Johnna Parker as Johnna and Lyle start their new alpaca business. B will be a wonderful foundation animal. This girl has tremendous personality and parting with her is difficult. We are delighted that she’ll be going to a fantastic home.