We have a baby alpaca! July 2, 2016. B Greyble delivered a girl!

This is a momentous occasion for us here at Sundrop alpacas.  July 2, 2016 marked the birth of our third cria since beginning this crazy alpaca adventure.  This little beauty arrived mid-morning which allowed all of us to be present for a perfect birth.  After 3 visits to the poo pile, a communal location where the herd does their duty, in one hour, we knew something was happening.  B Greyble went into the alpaca shelter and quietly delivered a perfect little girl in less than 20 minutes. The entire farm crew (Steph, Lisa, Cassie, Gabby and Anna) were eagerly watching through the barn window.

Baby girl was up and eating shortly. Her owner, Johnna Parker, arrived not long after birth and tended to her every need.

All of our previous alpacas have been white. Lovely, beautiful white. But is sure is nice to have an alpaca with a little color.  This girl is a lovely shade of grey and should get LOTS of attention in the show ring.