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The Only Thing Constant is Change


2018 is going to be a year like no other!

Wow. So now we have experienced a month and a week of 2018 and it [...]

What a great year!

Sundrop Alpacas has been very quiet on our blog for a while, but quite busy [...]

We love summer!

Our summer is going well here at Sundrop Alpacas. We have made progress on our [...]

More Farm Truck Progress

Now that we have a truck that can move on its own, I (Lisa) become [...]

Paint An Alpaca!!!

Oh yes, we are not kidding, come visit us on Sunday, April 2nd from 2-4:30 [...]

We’re Here For You

Golly, how about that weather we are having?  While it is great for people like [...]

Farm Truck – 2017 is the year!

Great news! Our in-house team worked without rest, tackling the engine, transmission and drive-shaft issues. [...]

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